I manage a lot of Dell servers and I absolutely love the Dell Remote Access cards, affectionately known as DRAC. The problem is, I have a lot of DRAC5 cards which use an XPI plugin for Firefox, but the plugin won’t seem to install automatically on Linux.

So, here’s how to manually install the plugin for remote video and remote disk mounting capabilities on Ubuntu 7.10. This is likely applicable to other Linux distributions as well.

  1. Log into your DRAC5 card as normal.
  2. Paste this link into the address bar, overwriting what is currently there: https://YOUR_DRAC_IP/plugins/ (be sure to include the trailing slash!)
  3. Download the .xpi files from both the vkvm and vm directories.
  4. Extract the .xpi files to temporary folders.
  5. Open a Terminal, and navigate to /usr/lib/firefox*/plugins
  6. Copy the .so files from each extracted folder into this directory.
  7. Copy the “videoviewer” folder and all subfolders into the plugins directory. (cp -R)
  8. Navigate to the videoviewer folder and make both .sh scripts executable by everyone, along with the “videoviewer” file.
  9. Navigate to /usr/lib/firefox*/components
  10. Copy the .xpt files from the extracted directories to this folder.

Now, navigate to your DRAC5 in Firefox and bask in your remote server management capabilities!